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Top Five Poker Tips

If you want to make more profit on Betfair Poker, then these five simple tips will greatly improve your chances:

Play Fewer Hands

Novice players often want to see as many flops as possible, but with this strategy comes the possibility of losing more money. This happens for two reasons: firstly, you make a pair less than 2/3 of the time and, thus, have to fold to player’s bets. Secondly, when you do make a hand it will be, on average, weaker than your opponents’, who are being more selective.

Be More Aggressive

There is often a temptation to play your hand passively, if you’re unsure of its strength, but playing this way will cost you money. There’s an old adage in poker that says: “If a hand is not worth raising, then it’s not worth playing.” Being aggressive means that you take control of the pot, and have a greater chance of taking it down.

Always Look to Your Left

Whether you are playing online poker or live poker, it is important to consider the player on your left. Whenever you make a move they will be the person next to act, so you need to know what they are capable of. If they raise a lot, then be prepared to play pots with strong hands. If they fold a lot then you can raise more liberally when everyone folds to you.

Position is King

Closely related to looking left is the idea that you should always play in position. This means you should play more hands the closer you get to the button because you will have the benefit of extra information. Sometimes playing out of position is unavoidable, but if you want to have the greatest advantage over your opponents, then always play in position.

Don’t Play Above Your Bankroll

IIt may be an old poker expression, but playing above your means is a quick route to disaster. Only play in games you can afford. For cash games make sure you have at least 30-40 buy-ins for a particular level. For poker tournaments make sure you never risk more than 2-5% of your bankroll. 




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